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Italia Top Brand s.r.l.
Piazza Quattro Novembre, 4 - 20124 Milan

Email: eurotopbrandsrlu@gmail.com
Telephone: 5586 554 558



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The business opportunities with China today are many, but few are prepared to seize them. Poor knowledge of the Chinese market and consumers, lack of diversification of commercial strategies, unfamiliarity with the bureaucracy and lack of an on-site reference point can hinder your project. ​


During the pandemic, businesses operating in China were canceled due to restrictions due to covid-19, so cross-border e-commerce has experienced continuous growth.

By cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) we mean those online trading activities that take place beyond national borders. A type of online commerce therefore that does not require the seller to operate directly in the country where the purchase is made. In China this is a very interesting sales channel that would avoid foreign companies having to bear the costs related to registering their business on site.

In the same way, this sales channel has allowed Chinese consumers to have quick access to a wide range of products even not available locally. In this second case we are talking about import-oriented CBEC.


The leading B2C marketplace in China, part of the Alibaba group. It is a generalist multi-product platform, with a medium-high ranking. Tmall also has a cross-border platform, Tmall Global. With over 500

million registered customers and over 50 thousand merchants, Tmall is the largest B2C platform in China. The most obvious difference between Tmall

and western online market sites is the existence of 'Flagship Stores ' and that means that only the brand owner or authorized retailer can run his shop on Tmall. More than 63% of B2C online transactions take place on

Tmall. Sales value in 2020 reached RMB 3.202 billion.Valentino, Versace , Tod ’s, Moschino, Salvatore Ferragamo, PiQuadro, The Bridge, Bottega Verde,

Diego della Palma, are just some of the Italian brands already present on Tmall.Italia Top Brand supporter à the company that wants to join

T- mall is at the bur level ocratic and at the level of marketing strategies.



The second place on the B2C e-commerce market beyond Muraglia. It

is part of the Tencent group, born as an online store of technological products, but today it has

a very varied offer. Currently active users are more than 365 million.



The third Chinese e-commerce portal after Tmall and JD.com. More

than 20,000 brands take advantage of its services. VIP.com has

developed thanks to the sales model with discounted products in China, a sort of great Outlet.



Also part of the Alibaba group since 2019, it is one of the most important platforms

in China. The secret of its success is the high quality international products offered at a competitive price.



The Chinese marketplace dedicated to luxury, fashion and lifestyle most used in China.

With more than 30 million registered users, 100,000 connected daily and a market share of 25.3%.


We use state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to ensure you get the best results.

Are you ready for this challenge?